Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aprils 2013

Oh i miss blog-ing
since i have so MANY MANY free time now :)
what should i share first *thinking*
My Trip to Seoul?
My Bestfriend Wedding?
My Bestfriend Engagement?
SM Town Concert?
Movie Review?
My New Job?
Nyam nyam nyam~
Well, i will post all that story for sure.
But now i must prepare to go to bandung :)
Bandung will always be my favorite place <3 p="">See Yaooo!

Annyeong ^^

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ystrday is my first time watching movie on IMAX studio. They hv a super big screen, amazing sound system also more seat row! It's recomended to watch movie premiere here! Only 60.000 on weekdays! Ystrdy i watched 007 there, thts my scond time for skyfall, bcs we took the last show and i feel a little unhealty i slept in the middle of the show :|

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tuesday bedrest

Got a tired week! And weather changes made it more terrible! Away fever. I want my fully power back!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

so sudden

I hv many undescribable feelin for many things rite now.
Life. Love. Dreams. Responsibility.
What i like to do / what must i do / what makes me happy
Suddenly everything came up in the same time without any notice, and i must think fast and make my decision.
We only have one life to live.
I'm not afraid making some mistake while if i enjoy the procces. I will learn from it, keep the good things  in my bank of memories and forget the bad things.

This year feel so unbelieveable for me.
Many great things happened.
I alrdy achieved some of my big dreams, and it makes me feel so blessed :,)
One year not long nor fast.
We can do many. Try many. Feel many.
I still hv a list for what i want to do in my life.
Even i choose a wrong option rite now, i think it's my procces. And i'm not afraid. I have god, family, bestfriends and U on my back.
I never know it will be good/not good, if i'm not try. I will do what i think it's the best way for me rite now. And i hope there will no regret for this.

Good morning.
And happy tuesday.

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